Are you wondering what to get a blogger for Valentine's day?

Well, you are in the right place my friend.  

I was asked again a few weeks ago, what exactly it is that I do?  Which led into a discussion about what I use in my business. Since my birthday was coming up, a friend of mine wondered if there were any items for my business that she could get for me.  That got me to thinking - a Valentine's Day Blogger gift guide would be a great blog post! So I put together a list of gifts for bloggers dedicated to this lovely day.

Pixel26 has tons of blogging tips for mompreneur.  Check out the Valentine Gift Guide for Bloggers

I have a love-hate relationship with February.  

Is it February already!?? Yikes!

As I said, my birthday was coming is in February and I am not too keen on birthdays anymore.  I don't, necessarily, hate my birthday, but I am much better at giving gifts than receiving them.  So I would rather just not celebrate my birthday anymore.  

I stopped counting mine around number 26 or so.

I mean do you really need to keep track after that point?  

You can vote. You can drink some wine. You can drive. What else do you really have to look forward to that needs a number attached to it?

Pixel26 has tons of blogging tips for mompreneur. Check out the Valentine Gift Guide for Bloggers

My son's birthday is also in February and of course, Valentine's day, so that is where the LOVE part comes in.

I love giving gifts to people.  I love seeing the look on their face when they open them.  I love finding the exact gift to bring "that look" to someone's face.  I also especially love chocolate, too and there is plenty of that during February.

If you love giving gifts as much as I do and you have a sweetheart blogger, you will enjoy this list of awesome ideas for that special blogger (or for yourself).

All of these gifts are awesome in some way or another, whether as a time-saver or just to say you care.​

If you want to print this guide you can download the full Valentine gift guide, just click here.​

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." - Charles M. Schulz

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

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Pixel26 has tons of blogging tips for mompreneur.  Check out the Valentine Gift Guide for Bloggers

Gift Descriptions - Top Half

1. Valentine's Day DVD: Snuggle in for this tear-jerker, chic flick and grab the popcorn.

2. Eat Sleep Blog Repeat Mug: Whether you like coffee or tea, everyone needs a good mug!

3. The Savvy Blog Planner: Keep track of your blogging biz with this lovely planner.

4. Momblogger Tee: Next to yoga pants, tees are a blogger's best friend.

5. Essential Oil Diffuser: Keep your serenity and inspiration going as your room fills with lovely scents.

6. VidAngel Membership: Online movie streaming could not be easier with this $1 service and you can filter out the words you don't like.
*Update - VidAngel is being sued by the movie studios but we are hoping they will win! Let VidAngel out of DVD jail.

7. Heart Socks: You can never have enough socks and these little cuties are a must for Valentine's day.

8. Moleskin Journal: If you love Bullet Journals or jotting down your thoughts check this out.

9. Keyboard Waffle Iron: Is this cool or what?  A must for any online business owner that loves waffles!

10. Love Knot Ring: Your special someone will enjoy getting a ring that shows you tied your love with a knot.

11. Pink USB Zip Drive: Who doesn't want a pink zip drive!??

12. Pink Water Bottle: Get your 8 glasses in with this adorable water bottle.

13. Earbuds: I am always searching for extra earbuds. Get a few sets to keep for backups.

14. The Knowtbook: It is an ecourse, an ebook and a blog all wrapped up together into an awesome book. "It’s not flashy or fancy; it’s straightforward and to the point, with LOTS of information."

15. Blogging Day: Yep, you can never have too many mugs.  Gotta stay hydrated!

16. What I Love About You Journal: Tell your sweetie what you love most about them in this personalize journal with writing prompts to easily fill in that make it easy to express your feelings. 

17. Tripod: Any blogger that uses photos or video can use a flexible tripod that can be used for tons of angles.

To download the full Valentine gift guide, just click here.​

Pixel26 has tons of blogging tips for mompreneur.  Check out the Valentine Gift Guide for Bloggers

Gift Descriptions - Bottom Half

18. Keychain charger cable: This adorable keychains doubles as a charger - who knew?

19. Herbivore Facial Mask: All natural, vegan exfoliating facial mask with pink clay and rosehip seed oil.

20. Toshiba Hard Drive: Anyone with an online business can use extra hard drives to keep their computer's folders from filling up and slowing down the computer speed.

21. One Love Organics Facial Kit: Pamper your sweetie and relieve the stress from their busy day with this all natural facial kit. 

22. Beats Headphones: Stay on task and eliminate distractions with these beautiful headphones.

23. Heart Sweatshirt: Give your sweetie a little something to keep them warm and cozy on Valentine's day.

24. Amazon Gift Card: Your sweetheart will love a shopping spree on Amazon to grab just what they wanted.

25. Polaroid Camera: This fun camera will spit out little images of you to place all around the workspace to remind your love muffin how much you care.

26. Chocolate USB Zip Drive: Looks like chocolate.  Keeps your files safe.  Nuff said.

27. Mini Charging Cable: This adorable mini charging cable is the perfect addition for anyone with apple products.

28. Box of All Natural Chocolates: Yes, of course, chocolates.  These are all natural and vegan and delicious.

29. Yoga Pants: I love these yoga pants.  They are soo comfy and makes blogging even more easy by not only feeling good, but looking good too.

30. Microphone: This is the bomb when it comes to microphones!  I use mine without the pop filter and it works great!

31. Epic Blog Planner: Regina did a bang up job putting this awesome..I mean EPIC planner together!!

32. Mouse & Wrist Rest: Anyone working on the computer for extended hours can attest to the fatigue your wrists go through. These both have memory foam and are super soft.  Be good to your wrists.

But wait, these are all terrific gifts...but what if my sweetheart doesn't need all those things?  She really just wants some items to use for her business instead.  

No worries!  I have put together some wonderful additional resources below for you.

Pixel26 has tons of blogging tips for mompreneur. Check out the Valentine Gift Guide for Bloggers

Check out @pixel26dotcom for #Valentines Day #blogger #giftguide #blogtips

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Pixel26 has tons of blogging tips for mompreneur.  Check out the Valentine Gift Guide for Bloggers

If you are looking for computer/business related items check out these wonderful sites for some must-have blogger resources.

Photo Editing

Adobe Membership: The holy grail of all photo editing, Photoshop is the bomb.  You can also create awesome content upgrades with InDesign and Illustrator.

PicMonkey Premium: Get access to the extra features when you upgrade to the Premium version of this online photo editing site.

Canva For Work: A must-have for any graphic designer, the Work version gives you a ton of additional features.

Automation & Scheduling

Boardbooster: This is the king of Pinterest scheduling and looping.

Tailwind: For Pinterest & Instagram marketing this is a great automation tool.

PostPlanner: This is a great resource when you are looking to scale your growth for Twitter and Facebook.

MassPlanner: Schedule your posts on almost all social media platforms with this site.

CoSchedule: Schedule posts and keep track of it right inside your WordPress dashboard.


Fizzle: This is a fantastic resources for new and veteran bloggers to collaborate and learn about the best ways to build your business.  If you want to learn more about it you can check out my review here.

Freelance To Freedom Project: Leah makes it super simple to implement all the necessary business tasks with her step by step guides and video tutorials.

Affiliate Marketing School: For anyone that wants to learn how to monetize a website from a lawyer who knows how to do it the right way, then check out Tasha's course.

WordPress Themes


Are you still thirsty for more?
Here are a few sites with some Valentine's Day ideas and freebies.
Let's show these fellow bloggers some LOVE!

Let me know if you have a Valentine's Day post that you think should be added to this list.​

Frolic Through Life - Valentine's Home Decor

Grace Love Life - Romantic Date Ideas OR  Fathers & Daughters Valentine's

Susan Padron Stylist - Valentine's Day Gift Specific to Your Sweetie 

Designer Blogs - February Desktop Wallpaper

Pixel26 has tons of blogging tips for mompreneur. Check out the Valentine Gift Guide for Bloggers


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