"with an estimated 50 billion pins, Pinterest is a significant contender in the social media sphere"

Pinterest is becoming the Golden Ticket for business

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Every online business NEEDS a Pinterest presence.  Because customers on Pinterest are pinning their wish lists.  Those items that they love, things that they want to buy, styles that they want to model and any places they want to see.

Many pinners are flying by the seat of their pants

Whether you are a first time pinner or a groupie from back in 2010, when they started, you need to know how to use Pinterest wisely, and more importantly what NOT to do. Yes, you should definitely be familiar with their Terms of Service and their Acceptable Use Policy.  This goes without saying.  You should also be aware of the common mistakes that most businesses make when joining 

Pixel 26 Pinterest Mistakes Opt-in

"87% of Pinterest users have bought a product after seeing it on Pinterest."

Even those of us that have been on Pinterest awhile, need a refresher now and then

I have played Monopoly thousands of times, but each time we pull that game out, I have to read some part of the rules at least once, when someone challenges another player regarding their playing style or behavior.  

It is no different with Pinterest...  Even if you are no rookie to Pinterest, it is good to remind yourself how to play the game every now and then.  I remember when I signed up back in 2011, yes, I was one of those that did not jump on the bandwagon on launch day.  

I got an invite from a friend back then and had no absolutely no clue what I was signing up for.

But I registered anyway and probably waited a few months before even creating a board... I probably got an email from Pinterest wondering what happened to me... When I finally figured out what the heck Pinterest was...I remember spending the entire day, yes, more than 8 hours on that blasted site that first day!  

PIxel 26 Pin all the things

It ate away at my days and probably my nights, as well.  I was pinning anything I could find.  I was so hooked!  I had no idea what I was doing back then, but I was hooked! More than 30,000 pins later, I signed up for my first business account and again, had no idea why, but it seemed like the right thing to do.  Now that I know the ins and the outs of Pinterest, I wish I had been given a list back then of the things to do and what NOT to do.

Well, I have compiled such a list!

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  • Don’t start without a strategy! Decide what type of boards and the overall style of your Pinterest profile will be and stick with it. Your customers will come to appreciate what you have to offer, but may not like it if you keep changing what they see each week. Be consistent and schedule your pins, whether with a service or manually, and figure out when the best times are for your business and pin on a regular basis.
  • Don’t use a personal account to promote your business! Convert to a business account! Verify your website! Use a personal account for your personal pins. Businesses should be using a business account and it gives you much more insight into what is being pinned and where your followers are coming from. Stay on top of your analytics and find out what is working and what isn’t.
  • Don’t leave your profile incomplete! Make sure you optimize that profile. Add a photo and keyword rich description. Link your Facebook, twitter, and other social media profiles to Pinterest so people can connect with you through those platforms as well.
  • Don’t obsess over the number of followers you have! Every single Pinterest user started with 0 followers! The more good content you give your followers, the more followers you will gain. News travels fast on the internet and it seems to travel twice as fast on Pinterest. Just pin great content and they will come. Most people just do searches for what they are looking for anyway, rather than relying on their front page feed.
  • Don’t publish incomplete boards! If you start a new board, make it secret until there is a good amount of pins attached. Once it looks good enough that you would follow it yourself, then change it to a public board.

If you are thirsty for more, download the full list by clicking on the image below.

Pixel 26 Pinterest Mistakes Opt-in

​After you read it, please come back and tell us what you thought, or let us know if we left out YOUR biggest pet peeve that those innocent little newbies make.  We would love to hear from you!

PIxel26.com Pinterest Mistakes ebook - tons of ideas, tips and tricks for your online business

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