Looking for the Perfect pin formula?

Aren't we all?  Well, I may not have the formula for perfection, but I can tell you what works for me.  It may seem daunting to go through all this for just a photo, but after you create a few of them, it will seem like second nature.  You will be pumping these babies out like a well-oiled machine.  If you have any questions, just let me know in the comments below.

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I use Canva and PicMonkey to create my pins.  I like to add the headline near the middle so that I don't have to make a separate photo for my featured images on my site. I have a few templates that I use each time, so I know that they will all look similar and cohesive.   

Update: Since writing this post, I decided to rebrand my site and completely over hauled it.  I no longer use the HUGE Pinterest images you see below on my post, but I do have them available for those with the pin browser button. I am going to see if my re-pins take a dive and I may return to the Longer Blog graphics in the future.  I still highly recommend using them for new bloggers to make it easier for pinners to know which pin to add to their boards.

You can see me create a graphic in the video below.  if it is too fast for you, I have a slower version just click here.

NOTE: Canva does not have the option to "Save As" - So you must "Copy" a graphic or add a new page within your design before building a new pin.

#1 Vertical graphics do best

Vertical pins are pinned more often than small or horizontal pins and images between 2:3 and 4:5 aspect ratio get the most repins. Pinterest allows a pin to be up to 735px wide.  I make mine 600px wide because they tend to look better on my site {see the first image in this post}. There is no limit on length, but any longer than 1200px or so and it will be cut off when it shows up in the newsfeed.  It will still show the entire pin length when someone clicks on the pin and opens it in a new page. But if someone scrolls too far down on the page, they are less likely to scroll back up to pin the image, so consider this when making longer images.

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#2 Use great photos

When choosing a photograph for the background make sure to use a good quality image that grabs your reader's attention. You don't want your image to looked pixelated or muddy, well unless that is what your post is about.  You can take your own images or find plenty of them online. Please do not use images that you find on Google Images - they could be copyrighted and you can get into a lot of trouble if you put them on your site.  There are plenty of photography websites with high quality images to choose from. If you want to use stock images, check out this post for a free list of over 50 websites to get free stock images.  Be sure you change up the image in some way, like adding a filter, zoom in on a certain part, or just use only the corner or center areas. That way if someone else uses that same image, it will not look like a cookie cutter copy of yours.  

You don't even have to use a photograph for your pin, many people just use colored or textured backgrounds and do very well with their pins.  Just make sure it has a professional look and matches your branding.​  I have used this site to find some nice textured backgrounds.

#3 avoid human faces

I hear over and over that pins with human faces that look directly into the camera do not get as many repins - no matter how attractive the person is.  It is better to use either an image with the subject looking off to the side, a shot of their lower body, overlooking the person or even the back of their head.  As a photographer, I actually prefer images where people are walking away from the camera, but it is just my personal preference.  

The main reason "deer in the headlights" images are not practical is that people see an image and want to be able to envision themselves within it.  Whether that is a neatly decorated living room, in a cafe looking out at the street or even resting on a beautiful beach, it is not easy to put yourself in the shot if someone is looking directly at you.

#4 colors matter

Statistics show that pins created predominantly in shades of orange, red, pink or green get more repins than those in shades of blue.  I still make a few images in blues just to mix up the colors on my site, every so often, but I make sure to give those pins an extra push on the social media platforms.

Pixel26.com Pinterest Blog and Photo tips, Tools for Social Media Marketing

#5 text overlay

When creating your graphic adding a text overlay is an excellent way to showcase your Pin.  Be sure to add your website URL so that if your Pin's link is removed from the description, people can still find you.  It is also a great branding tool.

Pixel26 Pinterest for Business - check out tons of FREEBIES tools tips tricks for blogging #blogtips #socialmediamarketing @pixel26dotcom
Pixel26 Pinterest for Business - check out tons of FREEBIES tools tips tricks for blogging #blogtips #socialmediamarketing @pixel26dotcom

Listing your blog post headline {the title of your blog post} on your graphic lets people know what you are offering them if they click on your pin.  

If you need help creating a good headline, check out this post.

If there is something exciting about your post that you think will entice your reader to click, add that as well, just don't give away the farm.  Remember you want them to visit your website and if you list everything on the pin, they really have no reason to do that.​

Be sure you make your text large enough that pinners viewing it on a mobile device can still read it.

Ask for a repin with a "PIN IT" or "PIN ME" etc. text overlay on your pin.  Don't make it too large to overpower your pin, just a subtle reminder.

People tend to follow directions.  If you tell them to "Pin It" - they will be more likely to repin your graphic. It is just human nature to do what you are told in text.​

Pixel26 Pinterest for Business - check out tons of FREEBIES tools tips tricks for blogging #blogtips #socialmediamarketing @pixel26dotcom

#6 PIn Description

alt/meta tags

You have up to 500 characters allowed on a Pin description, but it is best to keep it around 150-200 characters. When you add your ALT description, think about which keywords someone would be searching for to find your information.  

There are many WordPress plugins that allow you to add ALT and META tags on your image so that when someone pins the image from your site, it will automatically add a specific description that you created.  Of course, pinners can easily change any Pin description, but most people only add to it, rather than deleting it.  The image below shows where I add my ALT description when I upload a photo to my site.

Pixel26 Pinterest for Business part 2 ALT - check out tons of FREEBIES tools tips tricks for blogging #blogtips #socialmediamarketing @pixel26dotcom

Example description - www.pixel26.com Lots of blog, photo and social media tips, tools and tricks. Repin and check it out when you need more great ideas. @pixel26dotcom #blogtips #pinteresttools #socialmediamarketing


If you have a Pin about chicken coops, then make sure to add all things relating to chickens, coops, farms, eggs, raising chickens, baby chicks, etc. or whatever your particular post is about.  Make sure your URL is first.  If the description gets cut off, your URL will still be the first thing pinners see.  In fact, that first sentence is the one that really counts, so load it up with keyword rich content and don't forget that Call To Action {CTA} - tell them what you want them to do - REPIN!

Tags and Hashtags

You can tag (@pixel26dotcom) pinners and companies in your descriptions, as well as use hashtags (#pixel26dotcom, #blogtips), but it is best to limit hashtags to no more than three, as it looks very spammy with a bunch of them taking up the space under your pin.  If you want to go hashtag crazy then head over to Instagram instead.

URL shorteners

Don't use URL shorteners.  Sites like "bit.ly" shorten long URLs to just a few characters.  This is great in some circumstances, but may be mistaken for an affiliate link on Pinterest.  Use the full URL address so that people are directed to a specific page when they click on it.

uploaded image description

There are times when you can't pin directly from your blog post image and instead you upload the graphic from your computer. As soon as you see it listed on your board of choice, go edit the Pin and add an URL to the specific page {not a homepage} and add your description. Do it right away so that you don't forget, or your Pin will get repinned without a link. 

#7 rich pins

Pixel26 Pinterest for Business Rich Pins - check out tons of FREEBIES tools tips tricks for blogging #blogtips #socialmediamarketing @pixel26dotcom

Sign up for Rich Pins and use this great feature of Pinterest. Rich Pins keep your URL address attached to the pin even if the description is deleted or changed. They are available for Article Pins, App Pins, Place Pins, Product Pins, Movie Pins and Recipe Pins. Rich Pins give more information on a particular pin than what is listed in the description.  

#8 pin it button

The last feature that every Pin Worthy image needs is the Pin It button.  This makes it easy for readers visiting your website to quickly pin images to their own boards, which is the best way to get your pins out there.  There are plenty of WordPress plugins that will do this for you or you can use the code right from the Pinterest developers site to add it to your website.

Pixel26 Pinterest for Business - check out tons of FREEBIES tools tips tricks for blogging #blogtips #socialmediamarketing @pixel26dotcom

Is your head spinning with information?  Don't worry, it may seem like a lot of information, but soon it will not seem so overwhelming.  Just take it step by step and you will be a Power Pinner in no time, whipping those Pins into shape.

now let's recap.

the makings of a Perfect Pin..

  • Vertical graphic at least 600px wide
  • Great photograph or background image
  • No human faces looking directly at the reader
  • Desired color shades of oranges, reds, pinks or greens
  • URL address for your website
  • Great headline that draws attention and curiosity
  • Has a PIN ME request labeled on the graphic
  • Great ALT description including your website address, hashtags, and keywords
  • Does not have any URL shorteners
  • Includes a link to a specified page not the home page of a website
  • Has a Rich Pin description
  • Has a Pin It hover button available on your website so your readers can easily Pin to their own boards. 

Click here for a prettier PDF version of this list.

The Pinterest for Business Series is designed to give you a ton of tools to get your business ready for Pinterest. Check out the other posts in the series.

Pixel26 Pinterest for Business - check out tons of FREEBIES tools tips tricks for blogging #blogtips #socialmediamarketing @pixel26dotcom

Is there something I missed? Have questions? Like what you see?  Please let me know in the comments below.

Pixel26 Pinterest for Business - check out tons of FREEBIES tools tips tricks for blogging #blogtips #socialmediamarketing @pixel26dotcom

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