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Could you do it? Do you think I can? In addition, to February having Valentine's day centered right smack dab in the middle of it, there is also my birthday and my son's birthday. I plan to use money that I have already saved up for those things, or make things myself.

Items like gas and groceries, I have budgeted for, but no extra expenditures.

My hubs is convinced that I am not able to go an entire month without using my credit cards, and I am taking that challenge. I have a dry erase calendar setup to keep track of each day. I have informed my kiddos and they are on board and up for the challenge as well.

How much will I save?

I am not a gambler, but I am betting that I save at least $500 - $1000 or more this month...even more would be great!

Are you up for the challenge?

If you are up for it, ride with me on the NO SPEND train...oh, I hope I can do it. No, wait...I know I can do it..can you?

Here we go: (I will come back each day and report, so check back with me and post any struggles you have, below...)

Day 1 - No Money Spent!! Stayed home, snowed in with 6 inches of snow!

Day 2 - Kids had Co-op Orchestra and Choir, so we only went to 2 places today. I had to pick up lunch for hubs, but he paid. Does that count?

Day 3 - Hubs day off... I came down with a cold, so I stayed home. No money spent!

Day 4 - Still not feeling up to speed. No money spent!

Day 5 - My birthday..I still feel terrible, but hubs took me to an art bar and we made an awesome co-painting together.  It was too late to eat when we got finished so we ended up at a local bar and grill and just had a basket of fries.

Day 6 - The kiddos had a 4H weigh-in and we spent 2 hrs waiting in line to get our calf weighed. We took snacks. No money spent. So far so good, but I am starting to feel better and Valentine's Day is just around the corner...I can do this!

Day 7 - Stayed home and worked on my website coding - yes it was Super Bowl Sunday, and even though we live in CO, I am not a football fan. I am glad that the Broncos won because people get really cranky in town when they lose. Tee Hee! No money spent!!

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Day 8 - Today I am taking a stroll down the Pinterest road and get some ideas for the big V day.

Day 9 - Stayed in all day and worked on my newest endeavor. Stay tuned!

Day 10 - Did some spring cleaning, and took a load to Goodwill. Is Spring in the air?

Day 11 - We went through all the kiddos clothes, sometime I am amazed by how many they have, Geesh! I am glad I have families that are already in the works to send them all to.

Day 12 - Getting some last minute hearts made for the big day, loads of DIY crafts, which the kids love!  Using things around the house as much as possible.

Day 13 - I was able to snag a few Chipotle freebie coupons, so we will be going out for Valentine's dinner after all.  FOR FREE!!

Day 14 - Valentine's day...My son made strawberry cupcakes and we had tons of red construction paper cards all over the house. My hubs brought me some Justin's chocolates and a sweet bottle of essential oil air mister. Chipotle was delicious. It has been awhile since we visited them, but it was a great change from eating at home.

"Average annual Valentine's Day spending is $13,290,000,000"

Day 15 - Still working on my newest idea - it has a lot to do with Pinterest , since it seems I have been spending a lot of my time there lately.

Day 16 - My son was convinced that he should make his own cake for his birthday tomorrow. He decided on a lavender cake with white frosting. I am hoping to post it on our Vegan Recipe site soon.

Day 17 - My little guy is turning 12!! [sniff sniff] We used birthday coupons from Genghis Grill and spent barely anything for dinner - SCORE!

Day 18 - Eating at home again, but it seems much easier than trying to figure out where everyone wants to go.

Day 19 - Still going strong. No extra purchases. And it helps when you leave the kids at home, as I don't buy all the little snacks at the grocery store.

Day 20 - Working on a new website, keeps you busy and out of trouble. I have so much work to do, I don't have much time to go shopping anyway. I think the kiddos are getting cabin fever, though.  Or maybe just "staying home" fever, because they are usually outside, but are a little tired of staying at home all the time.  No worries, there is plenty of things for them to do here...

"In February 2016, the average daily spending of Americans amounted to $84 U.S. dollars."

Day 21 - The weather has been so nice, the kids have been able to play outside a lot more than usual, this time of year.  I had to use some Old Navy Rewards coupons to get the little guy some clothes, but did not spend anything more than what we had rewards for. YAY!!

Day 22 - Only one more week! I can't believe it, but it has been much simpler than I had expected. I also included the kids in the plan. We have 2 lists in the kitchen - one has what we have spent on food and the other has what we have spent on animal feed (that really starts to add up, whew!)...They realize how much it adds up just when you grab chips and other snacks..When we are at the store, they know they are going to have to write it on the board, so they have not been asking to get any extras, when I take them with me to the store.   They have done a great job of being extra frugal this month.

Day 23 - Still eating at home! We have only eaten out this month for Valentine's Day and the 2 Birthdays (mine and my kiddo) and we are still under budget thus far. Woo Hoo!

Day 24 - I really thought I would cave today! I have been so stressed out with all the work on my new website that I needed to just get away, which usually sends me to a cash register somewhere, but my teenage daughter gave me a mini spa instead. Hair treatment, facial, manicure, pedicure - the works! I felt energized. And no money spent - she always uses what we have in the house for her wonderful spa treatments!

Day 25 - Only a few more days and February will be history. It is getting easier every day. The kids stay home when I run to the store for groceries, we have not been to Wal-Mart in ages, where we used to just stumble around the store, just to do something and end up spending $100 or more on junk that we really don't need.

Day 26 - Only 4 more days - I am so excited that this experiment went so well. Still going strong!

Day 27 - This weekend is going to be spent cleaning stalls and picking up trash around the property after the wind storms we have been having came through and attacked our driveway and barn. The kids will love that! LOL

Day 28 - After picking up trash, they decided to clean rabbit cages - completely on their own... I was stunned. It took them almost all day, but they were actually helping each other and having fun. Weird!  But it gave me time to work on my websites without distractions, save for the cat that loves to lay under my office chair.

Day 29 - Well we are on our last day of the month! I am so glad it was a Monday since I usually use that day to catch up on homeschool assignments from the previous week, delete hundreds of emails that I usually do not get to on the weekend and try to schedule my Pinterest pins for the week. I have started a new Pinterest account for this website and it is slowly getting a following, but I don't really use it on a regular basis as much as I should.  I may end up shutting it down eventually. Who knows?

Pixel 26 NO spend

Woo Hoo!! We made it. We came in $200 under our grocery budget and I only used my credit card for gas purchases! So we saved close to $1500 after it was all said and done.  It was a great feeling not to have a huge statement to look at this month and I now know how easy it is not to spend on frivolous things as much as I usually do.

Let me know in the comments - have you tried a NO SPEND MONTH? How did it go?

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