Do you have an online business?  Do you like FREE stuff?  Well then you have stumbled upon the right post, my friend.  I have compiled a ton of links to sites with FREE blog services, FREE downloads, FREE resources for your website.  Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, you will find something for everyone here. Enjoy!


Pixel 26 blog resources for new bloggers. how to start a blog. get tips from tons of great resources. email and other marketing for your blog. social media for your blog.


The links are sorted by industry and alphabetized for your convenience.  If you offer FREE services to blog owners and would like to be featured on this list, contact me here.

This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.


If you SELL products or services you will want to make the check out process simple for your customers and use services that can take care of some of the extra work for you.

WooCommerce – This is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to integrate your products into your site and sell them directly.

Gumroad – A third-party seller that makes selling ebooks and ecourses and other digital product simple.

Easy Digital Downloads – Another site that allows you to sell digital products easily through their checkout process.

Teachable – An online teaching site that makes eCourses a breeze to setup and present.


Having any online business almost certainly requires you to start building a list.  A good email service provider can make or break your business.  Some service providers offer you FREE service, either as a trial or until you establish your list with a certain amount of followers.  Once you have a substantial following and your subscriber numbers are significant, you will either have to upgrade to the paid service or move to another provider.  

MadMimi – up to 100 subscribers

VerticalResponse – up to 300 subscribers

FreshMail – up to 500 subscribers, 2000 emails per month

MailerLite – up to 1000 subscribers

MailChimp – up to 2000 subscribers

SendInBlue –up to 9000 emails sent per month



There is really no reason you should not be using one of these platforms. They can save your business as well as your sanity. The only drawback is that you have to actually use them, they won’t do any good if you just sign up and never take action.

Trello – This is my favorite and I use it on a weekly basis for setting up ebooks, course outlines, blog calendars, ideas for courses, scheduling social media, meal planning and tons more.

Asana – I have tried this one out a few times as it came highly recommended by so many fellow bloggers, but so far I end using Evernote or Trello instead. Maybe it will work for you.

Evernote – I have had a love hate relationship with this one. I started using it with our homeschool assignments and then added in some business files and to-dos, but then some glitch made me stop using it last year. I picked it up again a few months ago and have been using it more and more.

Workflowy – If you are an outline type of blogger, you will love this one. Lots of upper and lower levels to each tasks and it is simple enough that anyone can figure it out.

Wrike – If you enjoy spreadsheets, you should check this one out.  It is very similar to Asana and very task oriented.

17hats – If your services are client based, you will enjoy this platform.

MindMeister - For those of you that work best with bubbles and connectors, you will get a kick out of this one.


These little gems will save your life (well, at least the social media one), but they are sometimes very time consuming to set up initially. Once you have your system setup, though, they will make posting on social media a breeze and let you get back to the more important aspects of your business.

Buffer – Advertised as a "smarter way to share on social media," it is super easy to navigate and schedule your posts for weeks out.

IFTTT – If you have not been introduced to IFTTT, you are in for a treat! This unbelievably FREE service can automate just about any aspect of your business, as well as your life. You set up “recipes” to automate almost anything. When you publish a blog post it can post a tweet. On a specific day of the week it can send you a reminder to update your plugins. It can send you a motivational text each morning and countless other tasks. Just do a search for IFTTT recipes and you will get a boatload of ideas.

HootSuite - All of your social media accounts organized in one convenient location.  Manage 3 profiles and schedule your posts like a pro.

Recurpost - Managing your posts is simple now with this easy to use system.  Just add some RSS feeds and voila you have ongoing posts on your schedule.

Tailwind – This one is great for Pinterest, but only offers a FREE 7 day trial, but if you click my affiliate link here you can get an entire month of FREE pins scheduled. There is a lot you can accomplish in just a month if you set your mind to it. 😉


Great images make a site look even better and if you are not so handy with a camera, (and even if you are) there are a ton of sites out there that you can get FREE royalty-free high resolution images to use on your blog.  Look professional without forking out the money for a digital camera.  Here are just a few sites I use.

Pixel 26 blog resources for new bloggers. how to start a blog. get tips from tons of great resources. email and other marketing for your blog. social media for your blog.

If you are interested in even more, check out my giant list that you can download here.


You will want to sign up with at least one cloud storage software.  They make it simple to store documents and you can access online from just about anywhere. This may become an actual expense later, as you add more documents to your file system and need more available space, but the FREE versions are probably plenty of space to start off with.

OneDrive – Office365 users get 1TB of free storage

GoogleDrive – GoogleDocs can be stored here, with 15GB of free storage

Dropbox – Upload and download any documents to this server with 2GB free storage and many options to get even more for free

Well, there you have it!  Six types of services that can help you with your business for NADA, ZIP, ZILCH, ZERO MONEY!  If there is a FREE service that you love and you just couldn't imagine running your business without it, but this precious commodity did not make my list, please let me know!  Let's share the love and the free goodies!

Pixel 26 blog resources for new bloggers. how to start a blog. get tips from tons of great resources. email and other marketing for your blog. social media for your blog.

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