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Pixel26 how to create an income producing info product eBook Blog post

Do you want to create an empire?  Or maybe an eCourse, or an informational video or product?  Where do you start? What do you need before you even get started? 

Before you begin I must ask you this "WHAT DO YOU WANT? WHAT WILL BE THE END RESULT THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR?" When you come up with your answer make sure you are as specific as possible.

But what if I don't know what I want...​

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself.  Sometimes it is difficult to pin down what it is that we really want.  So let's narrow this down to say, just an informational product. And let's say you are going to create an eBook. Will the eBook be a paid product, a FREEBIE, or an upsell?  Let's say it's going to be an up-sell for a blog tutorial that you previously posted.  

Now that you have narrowed it down, ask yourself what is it you WANT from it?  Are you looking to expand your list?  Perhaps you want to make enough money with the proceeds to pay your internet bill each month. Maybe you just want to sell 2000 copies and then retire it.  Decide on what it is you WANT and then move on.

Building an empire or just a blog post, but ask yourself this question first... @Pixel26dotcom

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So once you have figured out the specific reason for creating IT, let's say we WANT to write an eBook to compliment our blog post that already get tons of hits, and we WANT to generate enough income each month from it to pay our internet bill which is $50 per month.   Pretty specific, eh?  Okay, now we are cooking with gas. We have figured out what it is that we WANT and have been very specific in what we WANT the end result to do for us.

So now what?

We need to return to our blog post that gets tons of hits and read through the comments.  See what it is that people loved about it, questioned repeatedly or even hated about it.  Compile those questions/comments into an outline.  Expand on those questions or comments with 3-5 sentences of explanation or elaboration.  Create 3-5 chapters based on your original outline.  Add some extra good stuff in there that perhaps you left out of your original blog post, either intentionally or not.  

Basically you are going to give your readers some awesome-sauce on top of your great content and put a price on it.  Don't forget to add a few extra snippets to your original blog post referring to this new eBook. Something like, "if you enjoyed this post, then you are going to love the eBook I created with even more juicy goodness."

But how do I price it?

Pricing your eBook will depend on several factors.  How many hits do you get to your blog post, how many comments/questions you received, and how many you need to sell each month to hit your goal.  

If you get an average of 300 hits and 2 comments per day on your post, at a 1% conversion you would presumably sell 3 per day.  That would be 90 sales a month, so you could price it relatively low like $3.99 or even $1.99.   

But if your daily hits are lower and you are only getting 300 visitors per month, at 1% conversion then you would need to price your eBook closer to $14.99, which may not get you as many sales.  In which case, you would probably need to do some more promoting of your blog post and get your monthly visits up to 500 -1000 at least. Then you could price your eBook at $4.99 and be more in the ball park of your goal.  

"every goal begins with GO!"

This process seems simple enough, right?  But for too many people just deciding on what to create is the hardest part.  Just remember to ask "WHAT DO YOU WANT? WHAT WILL BE THE END RESULT THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR?"  Will the product you decide to create fulfill this result?

If you are having issues getting enough traffic to your post, be sure to check out this post for some great tips.

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Pixel26 how to create an income producing info product eBook Blog post

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