there are a ton of groups on facebook

Whether you start your own or you join an existing group, being a part of the community is a great way to leverage other people's insights.  Those bloggers that have already been in your shoes, they know what it is like to wonder what to do next.  And they are great resources to tap in to.

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"Teamwork is the secret that make common people achieve uncommon results."

   ~Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

These types of groups can be very helpful when you are first starting out or if you have been around for a while and just need somebody to bounce some ideas off of.  I love to log in and get some advice and even some free promotion now and then.  

Facebook groups are one of the easiest ways to learn about blogging from fellow bloggers and coaches and the best part is these are all FREE.  

Check out the list I have compiled and share this post with anyone you think would benefit from some more "social community juju!

Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers

  1. - Blog Engagement & Promotion Group
  2. Bloggers 2 Brands
  3. - Grow Your Blog
  4. - Pinterest Promotion for Bloggers
  5. - Blogging Boost
  6. - Learn to Blog
  7. - Ultimate Blog Challenge
  8. - Female Entrepreneur Collaborate
  9. - The Blog Loft
  10. - Blog & Business: Moms do it all
  11. - Blog Support Group
  12. - Inspired Bloggers Network
  13. - The Unsettle Facebook Group
  14. - Blog Promo Community
  15. The SITS FB Group
  16. Blog + Biz BFFS
  17. Boss Babes Guide to Social Media
  18. Blog Fuel Group
  19. - Blog Biz Lounge
  20. - Social boss with Caitlin Bacher
  21. - Blog + Biz Babes
  22. - Creative Superheroes
  23. - Smart Passive Income
  24. -My Pro Blog + Biz with Erika Madden
  25. - The Power of the Mob
  26. -Persuasion Nation Mastermind for Entrepreneurs
  27. - Creative Freelancers Unite
  28. - Freelance to Freedom Project Community
  29. - The Blogging Newbs
  30. - Think Creative Collective
  31. - Savvy Business Owners
  32. -  Learn to Blog

the best part is they are all

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Did you find some groups to join? Have you learned anything new from them yet? If you don't see one that fits your niche, you can always search Facebook for groups relating to your blog's subject matter.

Best Facebook Groups to join for #bloggers - check it! @socialmediamarketing #blogtips #facebookgroups

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did I miss any?  let me know in the comments

Pixel26 Facebook Blogging Groups - check out for tons of tools tips tricks for blogging #blogtips #socialmediamarketing @pixel26dotcom


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