I used to be an Adobe Photoshop Junkie, yes I admit it.  I wasted hours upon hours learning the ins and outs of that blasted application.  It was like my Pinterest in the early 2000's.

Hey, you know when you spend SOO much time editing pinning that you forget to eat or sleep and your family brings you green smoothies to sip..just to keep your strength up...and ice packs for your hand so that you don't get a cramp while they change out the batteries in your mouse...?  uh..yeah,me neither.  I digress..

There I was, back in the day, scouring the internet for more FREE Photoshop tutorials and freebies.  I downloaded actions and templates and mock-ups, like a mad-woman.  I could do anything my little heart desired within Photoshop.  I was the queen of photo editing. 

So what happened, you ask?  Well, first, I closed my photography business, so I was not editing as much anymore and then I got a smartphone.  wait...WHAT? 

Yeah, I went crazy with all the apps, too.  They had FREE photo editors introduced - practically every week!  I played with so many apps my head was spinning.  I felt like I was overdosing on photo editing.  

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I no longer had to upload my CF card to my computer, then scan through hundreds of images, open them in Photoshop, edit and save, then upload them to my website which by the way I had to do via FTP...Don't ask. Let me just say that was a long process and not fun at all.  

But with my new found finger tools, I could go straight from cameraphone to app, then save and upload to a website through yet another app. 

I went from photographing kiddos to shooting food, so I did not have to worry about blemishes or tree limbs growing out of heads, or hairs out of place anymore.  It was ahhhhh-some!! 

I soon grew tired of the editing apps once the SOS (shiny object syndrome) wore off though.

Then soon after, I decided to move all my sites over to WordPress, so I had to return to the computer for writing blog posts anyway.  It was then that I decided that rather than find the latest version of Photoshop, I would just find an online editor for now and worry about getting back into Photoshop later. 

I started using Pixlr at first and soon moved over to PicMonkey.  Several years later, I still have yet to put Photoshop back on my computer as I have since moved from PC to MAC.

UPDATE: I could not stay away.  A few months after posting this I have since returned to my Photoshop haven.  I still sometimes use PicMonkey, but my new found online friend is really Canva and I have even created a course and some videos on how to use CanvaWhile it is not meant to be a photo editor, I use it much more than I do my Photoshop pal.  I even created a Facebook group to honor this wonderful FREE online graphic design site.

I will say that Photoshop is awesome, if you do feel so inclined to try it out.  If you are an aspiring or full-time photographer it is definitely a must-have! 

With all the FREE editors available, there really is no need to download software at this point.  

I will stick with my FREE editors for now, though.  Here is a list of some more I have tried, in no particular order.  Some of these are better than others and you will just have to fiddle around with each to find the one that best suits your fancy. 


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