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have you learned it all yet?

I remember leaving home and thinking I would conquer the world.  I knew EVERYTHING and could do ANYTHING.  {well, except for spiders, I still have a problem with them.}

Then reality set in when the bills came in the mail and the checkbook didn't quite balance, but thankfully it all worked out.  I was a pretty independent child and figured things out for myself when the ​opportunity presented itself.  Still not mastered some of the items on the list, but I am determined to set my child sail on the rocky waters of life with a few more under their belts.

Although, I am not looking forward to that day, I know that they will make their mark on the world with most, if not all, of the knowledge most people should know.  I have compiled a list below...how many can you check off?

50 things to learn before you leave home

1. Use a coffee maker
2. Sew on a button
3. Change a tire
4. Pump your own gas
5. Negotiate an offer
6. Parallel park
7. Basic first aid
8. Balance a checkbook
9. Do a load of laundry
10. Jump start a car
11. Make a cake
12. Drive a standard transmission
13. Build a fire
14. Make a speech
15. Remove a stain
16. Use a map
17. Use Google properly
18. Meditate
19. Handle basic tools
20. Read a novel
21. Create an elevator pitch
22. Make a good first impression
23. Yoga
24. End a date without making promises 25. Avoid a fight

26. Clean a bathroom
27. Write a check
28. Build a website
29. Put out a fire
30. Create a budget
31. Follow a recipe
32. Listen when people talk to you
33. Unclog a toilet
34. Hook up a DVD player
35. Ride the subway
36. Give a compliment
37. Take a compliment
38. Prepare for an interview
39. Make a phone call
40. Install a printer
41. Fold your clothes
42. Use a knife properly
43. Open a checking account
44. Write a letter
45. Register to vote
46. Drive in the snow
47. Use a lawnmower
48. Read ingredient lists
49. Use a credit card wisely
50. Tie a knot

"hire a teenager, while they still know it all.."

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