Are you looking to start a blog and have no idea where to start or you just want to do it right the first time? 

45 tips and tricks to starting a blog the right way!

You are among many that have decided to give this whole blogging thing a go!  Several of you have sent me questions regarding just what to do and when?

Questions like what should I do first?  How do I know when to launch my site?  What should I write? Which platform should I use?  What photos should I use?  How many pages do I need?  And the list goes on and on.... Read this blog post first to see 8 simple steps to getting a blog started.

How Do I Start A Blog The Right Way!?

These are valid questions and since it would take me a huge amount of time to answer each and every email that crossed my inbox with these types of questions, I decided to put it all together in a handy dandy guide book just for you.

So I created:

These are the exact steps I take each time I start a new blog.   No fluff.  No BS. Just a step by step checklist that you can print out and follow to get your next blog up and running in no time.

If you are looking for a head start and a way to get going without having to weed through the stuff that you don't need, just download the FREE GUIDE and get started today!  Seriously what are you waiting for?

Are you still reading? Just not sure if this guide will tell you what you need to know? is just a sample of what you will find.  

18. Create a content calendar.

24. Link your social media to your blog.

28. Write in your own voice.

44. Write the blog YOU want to read.

Go ahead and download it - it's FREE!


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