It was amazing...why didn't I get any traffic to my post?

10 reasons no one is reading your blog post

So what are you missing?  Why didn't everyone flock to your blog to read it?

You wrote the blog post that put all other blog posts to shame.  It screamed "Read me," from the rooftops! It had more valuable content than anything that has ever crossed your keyboard.  And for days, weeks or even months, all you heard was crickets...

Why is no one reading your blog post!?!

The first problem may be with your promotion strategy?  Do you have one?

The next issue may be that your website is not on anyone's radar.  It does not send out a beacon when new content is published.

Another major reason is that no one knows you exist.  Or just perhaps they ARE actually reading it, but you have no way to track who is coming to check it out.

I have compiled a list of 10 things to consider to make sure someone knows that you have a brilliant piece of writing just waiting to be shared with the world.

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10 reasons your post did not get read

1. No email list - if you don't already have a following, you need to get one.   If you are not building your list, then you might be writing a blog, just to have a piece of yourself out there in cyberspace.  That's okay, if that is all that you plan to do with your blog.

2. No pins - if you are not pinning your content to Pinterest, you are avoiding a goldmine of free marketing right at your fingertips.  And I don't mean, just one little pin on one tiny little board that you have a few followers on.  I mean find some group boards and pin, pin, pin!  More on this in my Pinterest for Business series.​

3. No Bloglovin -this simple little site actually does ALL the work FOR you.  They send out announcements whenever you have new content.  Followers signup and the "beacon" gets sent right to their inbox every time you publish something.  All you have to do is setup a profile and put a link on your blog.  But readers can also sign up on the Bloglovin site directly. Blog and Photo tips, Tools for Social Media Marketing

4. No tweets - if you are not on twitter, get there!  Start following people and tweet every time you add new posts to your blog.   It is a small amount of time spent promoting with a big return.  In your spare time (LOL), retweet, like and follow others with similar interests as your blog content.

5. No analytics - it is quite possible that someone has found your blog and read your amazing blog post, but without stats, you may never know.  Sign up for Google analytics. If it looks too scary for you, then watch this video.  Without analytics, you will never know what is working and what is not.

6. No Facebook posts - if you are not on Facebook, get there.  Check out this post about Facebook groups.  They are yet another FREE resources to promote your blog.  They can also help answer questions that you might have about other blog issues. 

7. No sharing buttons - if you don't have a way for your readers to let others know about your post in a super easy way, very few of them will bother.  They are your best way to get the word out about your amazing post.  If you have WordPress, there are plenty of plugins to help you with this. Here is the one that I use. Whether you use an icon bar along the left hand side of the page, a list of icons at the end of a post or a popup reminder, sharing buttons are your blog's best friend...{you know, the pretty one that everyone asks advice from on what to wear to the dance.}

8. No SEO  - Search Engine Optimization is your blog's other best friend, yep, the smart one that everyone looks to for the answers. Getting your blog into the search results should always be in the back of your mind when writing or adding graphics.  That means adding the right amount of keywords to your posts and META data.  It is not likely that you will see your post on the front page of Google the second that it goes live, but it has a much better chance of being found at all, if it is rich with keywords.

9. No photos - we all love photos and they have become more of a social media icon lately than ever before, next to video.  If your not putting photos in your post, start doing it now. Without photos, there is nothing to pin (see​ #2 above) or share.  Make sure those photos are "pin-worthy" - this is also very important.  Even if your photos have nothing to do with your post, you still need them.  {As you can see from the photo on the right.}  They catch your readers attention much faster than your headline ever will.  

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10. No Wow! or What? Factor - speaking of headlines, yours needs to  Even if you wrote a best selling post, put all the right keywords in, added all the sharing buttons you could find, have a great photo at the top, posted it to all of your Facebook groups, reminded people to sign up for your email and Bloglovin lists and tweeted 40 times in that day...if your headline one will want to read it!

I am sure you did not come here to read more fluff.  You are here because the headline grabbed you, eh?  Whether you were just curious, genuinely needed help with your blog posts, or just wanted to see if I was completely full of hot air... You clicked!! 🙂  

Which brings me to YOUR headline.  It needs to do the same thing.  It is THE most important part of your post!  If it does not "move" your reader, then nothing else you do will get your post discovered.  

I have been trying to find that special formula for headlines that "grab" people.  That makes them want to click even if they are not interested in that particular topic.  I have tried several different sites that helped, but so far, I keep going back to the CoSchedule ​Headline Analyzer, it is MY new best friend. You can see below how I came up with the headline for this particular post.

Pixel26 Blog Tips CoSchedule Analyzer Headline and Title Creator

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Well, there you have it! 10 areas to address on your next AMAZING blog post.  I hope you can use a few of these tips to increase your chances of getting that flood of readers to your site.  

Is there something that you do to keep those readers coming back for more that I missed?  Let me know in the comments below.

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10 reasons no one is reading your blog post


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